The most popular events in Rimini and along the Riviera Romagnola

Rimini is an important historical and cultural city. Tourists will have the possibility to take part in targeted guided tours or to walk across the streets of the city centre while admiring well-preserved monuments and churches which bear witness to the past glorious vicissitudes Rimini experienced during the Roman Age, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Rimini has been the Italian capital of beach sport for several years now thanks to two important sporting events which take place here during spring: PAGANELLO and Polo CUP.
PAGANELLO is the world championship of OUTDOOR ULTIMATE Frisbee. It attracts enthusiasts from all over the world, who compete on the beach while performing outstanding acrobatics.
Polo CUP gathers the only beach equestrian events in Europe. It is an unforgettable opportunity to admire beautiful horses while performing on compelling sunny beaches accompanied by the romatic sound of the sea.
Both families with children and groups of friends come to Rimini to attend amazing concerts held by the most famous Italian singers or the spectacles arranged by the most popular dance companies which perform all over Italy and abroad.
Tasty traditional specialities from Romagna are the key to the success of the whole surrounding territory, which gives guests the possibility to taste genuine local staples, such as wine, cheeses, piadina and fresh fish
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