Come and see over 100 km of Adriatic coastline painted pink for the craziest night of the summer!
There are concerts all along the coast until dawn, parties everywhere, exhibitions, installations, theatre shows, magic and discotheques playing the best sounds of the moment for all kinds of music lovers. But at midnight, everyone heads down to the beach for the fireworks displays; a dazzling explosion of colours lighting up the sky along the entire coast. Have you ever experienced the incredible emotion of listening to a concert in the early dawn as the sun rises over the sea? It’s possible in Rimini! Come along and let yourselves be won over by this magical atmosphere…
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I'mPossible”, The impossible is possible, this is the theme of the Notte Rosa 2015.
Just 3 days after the full moon, on the 3 July the moon will be waning and we’ll be able to admire it dreamily during the fireworks displays held along the entire coast simultaneously. The spirit of Fellini returns for this year’s event, which was dedicated to DREAMS in 2015.
As is traditionally the case, pink is imperative! There’s pink everywhere from the squares, where stages are set up to host concerts, to the restaurants, to the beach, to the old town centre; even the monuments and the façade of the famous Grand Hotel are bathed in pink. Not to mention the canal harbour where the boats are decked out with pink decorations… everything has a hint of pink about it.
The official programme is still being updated.
•    Grand concert on the coast in Piazzale Fellini (the name of the performer has yet to be confirmed).
•    At midnight, fireworks displays simultaneously all along the coast.
•    Concert on the beach near Rimini thermal spa, waiting for dawn accompanied by great music.
•    NEW: this year we can wait for the sun to rise in several different locations and they’ll all be exceptional.
•    A long party weekend that you can enjoy to the full from sunset on Friday 3 July, until dawn on Sunday 5 July 2015!

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