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Trade Fairs Rimini
20/01/2018 - 24/01/2018
Salone Internazionale Gelateria, Pasticceria e Panificazioni Artigiana...
17/02/2018 - 20/02/2018
BeerAttraction: International Craft Breweries Show
Enada Primavera
14/03/2018 - 16/03/2018
Mostra Internazionale degli Apparecchi da Intrattenimento e da Gioco

Book a hotel from our portal and you will have the opportunity to take part in exciting weekly excursions which are organized from June to September at reasonable prices.

The most popular theme parks of the surrounding area, such as Mirabilandia, Aquafan, Oltremare, Italia in Miniatura, Fiabilandia and Cattolica's Aquarium...and the charming resorts of the hinterland, such as Santarcangelo, San Giovanni in Marignano, San Leo, San Marino, Montebello, Saludecio and Mondaino...give tourists the possibility to enjoy exciting emotions while taking part in traditional folk festivals and food and wine events.

Acquario di Cattolica
From July 11 to August 29
(departure in the morning and return by dinnertime)
Sharks, penguins, turtles and jellyfish.
Caimans and otters.
Chameleons, frogs, insects and snakes.
Exhibition "Sharks: perfect predators".
Noteworthy: the meal of sharks, penguins, otters and stingrays.

Admission to the park + trasfer by coach

Italia in Miniatura
From July 5 to August 30
(departure in the morning and return by dinnertime)

WEDNESDAY June, 8 - TUESDAY September, 6
(departure in the afternoon and return by dinnertime)
Italia in Miniatura is a theme park for all ages.

Perfect scale reproductions of monuments and Italian and European architectural masterpieces, exclusive attractions such as: Venice, only five times smaller than the original, Interactive Driving School and Cannonacqua.
Pappamondo, the magical world of birds in a tropical setting with a jelly nursery waiting to be discovered, canoes, water roller coaster breathtaking descents down the rapids of the river and Sling Shot, the giant catapult that launches to 55 meters high in a second!

Admission to the park + trasfer by coach

From June 15 to September 7
(departure in the morning and return by dinnertime)

The largest park in Italy!
Utmost fun for both families with children and those looking for thrilling emotions! Plenty of exciting attractions for both adults and children, amazing shows and performances and large green areas.

Admission to the park + trasfer by coach

Sarari Ravenna
From July 6 to August 31
(departure in the morning and return by dinnertime)
The Safari Ravenna is a wildlife park that allows you to see up close without barriers about 700 animals of 100 different species, including wild animals that live in complete freedom.
The park is divided into two areas: the Safari, where you can see all the wildlife, and the pedestrian area where you can meet the most common animals but also visit the Island of Lemurs, the Island of Baboons, the reptile, the Celli classroom and Small Wild and extraordinary. Novelty 2016: the Oasis Chimpanzee.

Admission to the park + trasfer by coach

Aquafan oppure Oltremare
From July 7 to August 25
(departure in the morning and return by dinnertime)

Aquafan is the most famous aqua park in Europe!
Distributed over a total surface of 100.000 square metres, it gathers 3 kilometres of water chutes, amazing shows, absorbing entertainment activities, good music and many more.
Oltremare, which gathers interesting educational paths across nature, was realized according to an innovative architectural plan where American technology is complemented by Italian creativity.

Admission to one of the parks + transfer by coach

June 10-17, July 08-15-22 , August 05, September 02-09-16

June 21-28, July 26, August 16

Guided city tour
monumental cave Tasting + shopping + coach with hostess.

Guided city tour + Church of SS. Catherine and Barbara Convent of sixteenth century + monumental cave + Button Museum + Tasting + coach with hostess.

San Marino
"A virtual walk across history"
Afternoon Excursion
Friday June 3.
Every Thursday from June 9 to September 15.

Transfer to San Marino + Motor train + cableway.

An unmissable opportunity to visit a fascinating foreign country situated just few kilometres far from the coast.

Tourists will have the opportunity to go shopping, admire enchanting landscapes and visit important historical places, such as impressive castles, the Basilica of the Saint, the Convent of St. Chiara, the Gate and Church of St. Francis, the famous Ombrelli district and the small Titano square.

Enjoy great moments in the ancient Republic of San Marino.

San Leo
"Visita guidata alla Fortezza Rinascimentale"
afternoon excursion
June 14 - September 14

evening excursion
August 26
From the rocky outcrop of rock overlooking the mighty St. Leo Renaissance fortress, where Count Cagliostro, alchemist and healer known eighteenth century., he served his jail time in the narrow "cell in the cockpit" ..

San Giovanni in Marignano
“The Night of Witches”
Evening Excursion
June 24
On the occasion of the summer solstice, which takes place between June 20 and 24, San Giovanni in Marignano celebrates the night of St. John; celebrations evoke magic rituals, spells and mysteries which contribute to give the so-called Night of Witches utmost fascination.

Legend has it that during this night witches gathered to practise sorcery. For many years, this tradition has been celebrated through bustling street markets which are livened up by skilled musicians, dancers and street artists who contribute to convey utmost profusion.

"Guided tour in Museum + tasting at Il Bello e il Buono"
afternoon excursion
July 05

"Guided tour in Malatesta Fortress + tasting at Il Bello e il Buono"
afternoon excursion
August 17)

Guided tour of the Museum Villanoviano + tasting: The Archaeological Museum of Verucchio exhibits a rich selection of funerary objects found in the necropolis of Verucchio, referring to the Villanovan civilization, attested between the ninth and seventh centuries BC.

Guided tour in Malatesta Fortress
+ tasting:  Verucchio boasts an ancient history that goes hand in glove with the fate of the Malatesta Seignory. The monumental complex of the Rocca Malatestiana consists of a number of buildings constructed in different periods, between the 12th and 16th century. They cover a large area situated on the highest part of Verucchio, the “sasso” or “rock”, which affords truly unique and breathtaking views.

"Guided tour of the Rocca"
Evening Excursion
July 12

"Guided tour of the towers and caves"

Evening Excursion
August 12
Gradara Castle is a medieval fortress.
The Rock of Gradara was the backdrop to the tragic love story between Paolo and Francesca, wife of his brother Gianciotto, sung by Dante's Divine Comedy.

“The Castle of Azzurrina”
Evening Excursion
July 19, August 23

Excursion across the hinterland of Rimini and guided tour to the Castle of Montebello, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of Azzurrina...Montebello offers even the most demanding tourists the possibility to enjoy a fascinating itinerary across history, art and nature. The impressive fortress, which was once the backdrop of fierce fighting, boasts breathtaking views over the underlying landscape; the cradle of a millenary history, it gives guests the possibility to discover precious finds and unveil ancient mysteries.

San Marino
“Medieval Days”
Evening Excursion
July 29

The festival of the “Medieval Days” is one of the most appreciated events in the Republic of San Marino.

All over the years, prestigious historical clubs from all over Italy have flocked to the oldest Republic in the world to discover ancient arts and crafts, visit bustling medieval markets and attend absorbing representations depicting the everyday life of the so-called Cerne, the armed formations from San Marino. Enchanting parades and spectacular performances by skilled flag-wavers contribute to give the city utmost profusion and a magic atmosphere.

"Calici di Stelle"
evening excursion
August 09
For two nights the city is full of aromas and flavors of the best wines. Two nights enlivened by music and entertainment.

“Palio of the Fallow Deer”
Evening Excursion
August 19

Historical recollection featuring fascinating parades, challenging competitions among the different districts of the medieval village and amazing shows.

Minstrels, jugglers, swordsmen, fakirs and witches liven up the streets of the old town. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire perfect reproductions of ancient workshops and inns, the latter serving tasty medieval food specialities.