All inclusive holidays and best offers by the hotels in Rimini

 "Rimini: you are who you are". This is the new slogan of the city of Rimini ... where you can find sea, sun, fun, international events, good food, music, concerts, hinterland, sports, and so on! 

So come here and experience a holiday in Rimini! 

You will be overwhelmed by so many emotions and unexpected sensations that you will love it. Rimini is cut out to meet any person and personality need, from the dynamic sportsman who will appreciate getting up early in the morning to go running on the beach when the sun rises and meeting many runners who greet and smile him/her because this is Rimini: friendly, cheerful and sociable. 
From the naturalists and sports who love go biking throughout the beautiful bike paths that Rimini and its parks and its hinterland provide. 
From the lover of tanning and sea, who will find every kind of service, comfort, entertainment and sports activities on the beach for his/her dream of tan and perfect fit. 
For the people of the night to whom a month's holiday in Rimini will not be enough to 100% live the nightlife .... apotheosis of parties, events, discos, beach clubs and beach bars where sipping delicious cocktails to the beat of music after the last swim at sea and waiting until the last ray of sunlight on the skin…
From the art lover who will be kidnapped by the monuments, paintings, churches and the artistic and cultural heritage and historical that Rimini and the surrounding area offer. 
From the lover of good food that will not know which places to choose from the many restaurants, farms, inns and taverns offering the delights of the area, first of all the Romagna piada stuffed in hundreds of ways, one more succulent of the other. 
From families with children who will have to select how let their children having fun and entertain them.... from the amusement parks such as Mirabilandia, Aquafan, Oltremare, Italia in Miniatura, Fiabilandia to the animation that hotels offer their little guests at the hotel and on the beach, leaving parents free to live them also a wonderful holiday as a couple. 
We stop here even though it is clear that the long list of people and beings that Rimini can accommodate is still very long ....
and also for those who feel an irreducible curmudgeon, try at least once to come on holiday in Rimini hosted by the hotels promoted by Promozione Alberghiera; he/she will return home with a smile inside and outside!
Happy holidays to all!
Watch the video: Emilia Romagna - LAND WITH A SOUL. PEOPLE WITH A SMILE

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