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Trade Fairs Rimini
20/01/2018 - 24/01/2018
Salone Internazionale Gelateria, Pasticceria e Panificazioni Artigiana...
17/02/2018 - 20/02/2018
BeerAttraction: International Craft Breweries Show
Enada Primavera
14/03/2018 - 16/03/2018
Mostra Internazionale degli Apparecchi da Intrattenimento e da Gioco
Welcome Family Hotel: accommodation for families with children in Rimini

Welcome Family Hotels: special family and child friendly accommodation facilities

Hotel in Rimini are waiting for you and your children.

They supply services dedicated to children: fornitures for baby, games and entertainment, meals for babies at their times.

Choose among the solutions you find in this page and you'll have discounts, services and equipments which help you with your child and get your holiday the best holiday you can dream.

Select an hotel with Papo brand, the brand of children and for children, and you and your children will have the best hotel for a family holiday!

"Papo" Rules and Regulations: accommodation for families with children

Papo Costa Adriatica Emilia Romagna

The PAPO hotels provides services and facilities appropriate to satisfy the needs of kids on holiday. From newborns to 12 year olds, there is no lack of suitable furnishings in the rooms, ad hoc service in the dining rooms and special care when preparing meals, well-equipped games areas, a cordial welcoming service, gifts and tourist information for young clientele.

Bedrooms (hotels, residence hotels):
(at least one third of the bedrooms in every accommodation structure must have the following)

  • Bedding for children aged 0-5, conforming to legal standards;
  • Protective guards for single beds;
  • Potties for children and/or infant's toilet seat reducers;
  • Bath tubs for newly born infants;
  • Changing mat;
  • Bathroom or balcony clothes horse.

Amenities in dining room (hotels) and catering areas (residence hotels, camp sites):
  • High chairs and/or table-mounted seats, conforming to legal standards;
  • Table mat and napkin sets;
  • Bottle-warmers;
  • Sterilisation equipment;
  • Availability of special children's menus or access to area equipped for preparation of infants' meals.

Games for children (all structures):
  • Availability of permanent play area (either inside or outside the accommodation structure, covered/open-air) reserved for children, with children's play structures and games/toys.
  • Large-sized carpet;
  • Children's tables and chairs;
  • Paper, coloured pencils, felt-tip pens or non-toxic crayons;
  • At least 2 games/toys for every age group: 0/3 years; 4/7 years, 8/12 years.

Means of transport (all structures):
Bicycles for adults (minimum of 6 for each accommodation structure), equipped with seats for transportation of children, conforming to legal standards.

Services offered (all structures):
  • Entertainment for children, lasting at least 2 hours a day, at least 4 days a week, inside and/or outside the accommodation structure, with programme, devised and separated according to age group;
  • At least one children's party a week;
  • Children's birthday parties.

Services subject to charge: Baby-minding service (this is the only compulsory service, which can be made available subject to a charge).

The facilities and services mentioned above must be made available for as long as the establishment remains open.

Proposals for improvements (optional):
The accommodation facilities wishing to set up an Internet station for older children are invited to include this type of service without any obligation under this code of practice.